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September 30, 2012
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Alfred,your friend since the beginning of high school,was once again dragging you by the arm,not hard, but enough over to his house for another "wicked kick-butt party!" as he called them. Yes they were a blast,but you knew that his step brother Matthew was gonna be there,and lately you've grown to have a crush on the little Canadian.

He was so shy and sweet,smelling like maple syrup. Only problem was he was too quiet. Even his own brother would forget him. You wouldnt ever though. And you made sure Alfred didn't forget this Canadian's birthday either.

"________,c'mon dude! this is gonna be the sickest party yet! I planned it all myself for Mattew!" Alfred says,pulling you into the boys' house,already set up in red and white. You smiled to yourself. Mattie was going to flip, all this for him. "it looks good Al"

"Ahahahaha!" His hero laugh always made you giggle,  but you quickly turned to the door as everyone else came in,saying their "hi's" in they're native languages. Everyone,including Francis, Matthew's adopted father, came over for Matt's birthday.

You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned,seeing the Canadian, you're eyes widened. "H-happy birthday Matthew!" you say quickly,making everyone turn to you and the blushing boy. His American brother quickly yells out. "Aww Man! you ruined the surprise! Happy birthday Matt!"

With that everyone cheers and the party gets started,much to Matthew's dismay. He stuck close to you the whole night, and of course you didn't mind,blushing every now and again if he grabbed your arm or brushed sides with you. "_-______" he whispered, being it his normal tone.
"Yea?" you said turning your head to look at him. "I-i dont....i-i mean, thank you for coming"
he says,blushing and quickly looking away,making the most adorable face,you couldnt help but blush too. "no problem Mattie. It's your birthday after  all"
"Alright dudes and dudettes! Time for a kick-ass game!!! everyone gather round the hero!!!!" Alfred interupts you and pulls you and Matthew over,sitting you down. "vhat are ve going to play?" says one of the party goers. "Truth or Dare dudes! the totally best game in existance!"

Matthew and I both groan,knowing this isnt going to end well,for alot of us. But as usual, the self proclaimed "hero" got everyone involved. Sooner or later,someone had done something stupid or admitted something embarassing, like how Feliciano and Ludwig first kissed the day at the beach when every one else slept. At that admittance, Matt had giggled when Ludwig stuttered and shoved Feliciano away.

Next up, was you, and you had already taken a truth,so your next up was.."Dare" you say in responce to Francis's question. At that the frenchman gives a perverted smile and laughs. "ohonhonhonhon, my little _______ you have chosen a good one zen~" You cringe at the smile on his face, not expecting what he was going to say next.

"I dare you to...pull my son's curl and kiss him" I blush at the last part,not understanding about the curl. It was just a cute little cowlick that separated him from Alred...right? Turning to Matthew,you see him so red he matches his Canadian sweater and covering his curl. "Cmon Matt! ______ got dared! show the curl man!" Alfred looked like he was gonna leap across the group to grab the poor embarassed Canadian.

You lean into Matthew and gently pull his hands away. "its just a curl Mattie~ i-i'll be quick,sorry" Even so,your bright red face said you were nervous about being forced to kiss your crush.

You lean in and brush his hair off his forehead, going closer to the curl,but not touching it yet,then quickly peck his cheek, leaning away,face bright red. "oh my dear _________, you forgot zee curl~" the frenchman says again,leaning closer to say it in your ear.
" i-i know...i-im getting to that"

Poor Matt looked like he wanted to cry,pleading with his eyes for you not to pull the curl, but a dare was a dare,so you gently grabbed the curl and tugged just a bit,and immediately the Canadian stiffened and moaned quietly,eyes closing before opening again,glowing the magnificent shade of violet you have never seen before.

"__-______" he says in a deep tone, staring at you and blushed deeply,his eyes full of something youve never seen before "m-mon dieu,assez, s'il vous plaît! p-please let go" You quickly let go,accidentally pulling on it again as the loop gets caught in your fingers,making him blush and cover his mouth on another groan. He falls over panting against you,snuggling into your neck, as you and him blushing like mad.

You feel him kiss your neck,panting, as Alfred and Francis,plus a bunch of other partiers hoot and holler,quickly getting back into the game. Yet you and the little Canadian, completely oblivioss to the world,just sit there, calming your racing hearts.

"______, u-umm...would you like to....m-maybe...go get some pancakes sometime?...w-with me?" You hear him whisper and you quickly turn to him,blushing. All you could do was nod and smile.

Who knew that a dare could get you the sweetest truth of all.
so heres my first ever reader fanfiction!!!! omg!! ever since i started reading them, i HAD to make one!

and who better to start with than my adorable little Canada! :iconadorablecanadaplz: i love him so much!

anyway! i hope you like it! i hope to write more soon,and get better at not used to writing PG ones xDD let alone reader inserts
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EzioBronyFan Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Student Photographer not saying its bad but on some sentences you misspelled some words like : alred-alfred,Mattew-Matthew... Sorry if i sound like im critisizing if i spelled that correctly...other than that it so KAWAII
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